Blast from the Past!

If you've been to Baguio, I'm pretty sure you've heard about this place called 50's Diner. If you haven't been here, well, all I can say is that it's like a rite of passage to eat at this place.

The first reason I like this place is that I love things and places that remind me of the past. Haha! The name of the restaurant itself stirred my curiosity. Second, I love anything that comes in PINK (with the exception of Majin Buu). Third, it's not that I hate fine dining but I'm just much more comfortable eating at diners. When I was a kid and I am in a solemn or fancy place, I remember my Grams telling me to "BE FORMAL" and try not to misbehave, but that's just not who I am! Haha! (I love you Grams!). I would always drop my fork or spill water/soda and I would usually go home with gravy, soda or coffee stains on my clothes. I'm THAT clumsy but if I eat at places like this, that's totally fine! Fourth, they have generous serving at an affordable price. Score!

NOT my ride, I wish it was though, but it belongs to the diner!

I was a bit hungry that first time I went there, so, here's what I's called Guy's On The Hood. They really have generous serving; I wasn't able to finish my meal! I had the pork chop to go.

Sitting here felt like I was literally taken back to 1950's. The lighting, the chairs and tables, the wall decors and the duke box at one corner, I simply love them all! One of my dreams, if I ever get a chance to visit US, is to eat at their all-night diners. I often see scenes at diners when I watch American movies, so, that's probably how I started being slightly obsessed about diners. I've always wanted to order one of those huge burgers and listen to country music while I'm quietly observing the people around me as I take a sip on my cup of coffee. (Yeah, I watch too much movies!) But right here in my new found haven, I'm able to do that! Ha! 

On a different day, I ordered their Famous 50's Burger and man it's huge. Again, I wasn't able to finish it, haha! I asked my cousin to eat about half of it. 

Here are some goofy photos of me and my friends from college. These were taken after that binge eating moment at 50's diner! 

This is a good place to hangout and chill out with your friends if you're on vacation or even if it's just a lazy Saturday/Sunday afternoon. If only I live closer to this place, I'd love to spend my early mornings here. I can't wait to try their other meals and I wasn't able to try their desserts yet, but next time, I'll make sure to make some room for desserts! 

This is located at 92 Upper General Luna Road corner Brent Road, Baguio City. They are open from 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM. Just try to avoid the regular lunch hours if you don't want to wait for eternity to be seated inside. 

Let me know if you've been to this diner before! 


  1. Definitely, 50's Diner is a landmark and a must-visit. You should also try Chocolate de Batirol in Camp John Hay and Cafe by the Ruins in front of City Hall and beside Insular, you can't miss it. I also enjoyed Ketchup Republic located near Wright Park. But please, go see Children's Park in Burnham Park first (hehe). Wish you could have seen my hometown before this, you definitely would have loved it more. I will share some pictures of the old Baguio with you on Facebook.

  2. Hahaha! Children's Park! I can't believe I haven't been there 'til now! I had breakfast at Cafe by the Ruins once, but I'll take note of the other places you've mentioned Mommy Nelly! Will wait for the photos on FB po!


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