Sailor-themed Top & Black Jeans (Part 1)

I think at times, I'm too lazy to think about what I should pair with my jeans or shorts, that's why I prefer wearing dresses. People rarely see me in jeans, but I do wear them! I think denim shorts or jeans work best when you are out having some adventure. That's what I opted for when I visited one of the famous tourist spots here in Baguio, the Philippine Military Academy.

The Philippine Military Academy is located in Loakan, Fort Gregorio del Pilar, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines. It is two jeepney rides from where I am currently living, and one ride from town. PMA is the training ground for the future AFP (Armed forces of the Philippines) officers. I was able to visit this place on my first weekend here. The weather was quite good that morning, so, I took advantage of the natural lighting and awesome nature as my background!

I want one too!!!
Mountains, clouds, pine trees! Yeah!

It was a mere accident that I somehow blended with their theme, haha! I didn't do it on purpose!


  1. oh, brings back memories. it was much, much different then. watching the annual "hundred nights show" in december, graduations in march...(sigh) so long ago and so far away.

    1. I've only been there once po~ was lucky enough to see at least a short program that day~ hehe!

  2. Wow!!! Nice view. And that curly hair. HarHar! Pictures show how relaxing and calm we can experience there. Let's go to Baguio!


    1. Wahahahaha! I really wish we could duuuuude! I miss the temperature up there! Manila's heat is driving me CRAZY! lol :)


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