Cafe in the Sky

Last Christmas, I thought I was going to spend the entire day bumming around in my pajamas. But apparently, some relatives were in town and I was fortunate enough to tag along to their short Christmas trip! 

We wanted to visit the famous Sitio Punyagan, the highest point of Mt. Kabuyao which is about half an hour drive (or less) from Baguio. This place is more popularly known as 'La Presa' these days. Yes, that place that got famous because of the TV show (that God knows I know nothing about!) Unfortunately, tourists are not allowed to go up there anymore. I can somehow understand that they are just trying to protect the place from being congested just like Mines View Park. 

Because of that TV series, fans from everywhere have flooded that place that was once very peaceful and quiet. 

But my relatives didn't drive all the way from Manila for nothing. Luckily, my uncle was able to talk our way up until Cafe in Sky at least! Haha! 

I thought I would have to hike Mt. Pulag to see something like this. But I guess I was wrong! I have seen a sea of clouds from the plane, but, this is just magical in its own way. The cafeteria's tag line speaks for itself. 

It was just so nice breathing fresh air and looking at this view on Christmas morning! A million thanks to my relatives, Tito Elmer, Tita Leng and my cousins Joel, David and Aaron for letting me tag along to this magical Christmas morning. (Wish you were here with us Chi-Chi!)

We had beef and broccoli, liempo and a chicken dish (I'm sorry I forgot what it's called!) for a very early lunch. After that, we also had 'pansit' (noodles), which I wasn't able to take a picture of! Haha! They serve really tasty food, and if it comes with that kind of view, you'd just have nothing to complain about! 

We also made a quick stop at Strawberry farm in La Trinidad, had strawberry ice cream, they bought some 'pasalubong' and we just took a few photos before heading back to town. 

They went back to Manila around late afternoon that same day, and I headed back to my apartment. I have no idea when I could ever visit that place again. It wasn't even on my plan, but, I guess unplanned trips are the best! Haha~ Let's see where my wandering feet would take me next time! 


  1. Omg! So this is the place I've been seeing around in my facebook feed. Wow, the feels of being in heaven, so surreal! I'd love to visit huhu.

    Lou |

    1. Hi Lou! Thanks for the comment! I hope you could visit this place so you can see this awesome view too!

  2. Replies
    1. thanks for reading IB! have you been to strawberry farm?


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