Why I Haven't Been Blogging These Days

Hey! I know I haven't been posting much lately and I really missed posting on my blog, so, I'm doing a short post just to let you guys know what I've been up to recently.

#1 Sickness

I realized I'm not actually invincible. Yeah, I know. How dumb am I to realize this just now, huh? When I was younger, I don't really fancy taking medicine (read: I REALLY hate taking meds!) to recover from anything. And I'm used to my body's self-healing ability. Yes, I would get flu or whatever gross virus is common at a particular season, but I usually get over them in about a week or two, tops! Well, that didn't work this time. I've been coughing like shit for about four weeks now, and I only went to see a doctor last Wednesday after my work shift. Unfortunately, I got 'Acute Bronchitis'. Having the word 'acute' in it doesn't make it cute at all. It is horrible! And gross! And just plain annoying! But at least my fear of having tuberculosis again has been ruled out. Wheew!

Another thing that usually keeps me from blogging (or simply moving) is migraine. Yes, this is definitely my mortal enemy! Although the last major migraine attack was late last year. I swear I did not even dare to touch my laptop for about a week. I used my laptop at work because I had to, but every time I get home that week after the major migraine attack, I was so scared to even turn my laptop on. Any sign of light or even the faintest sound is a torture for me when I get migraine attacks.

#2 Family emergency

Well, around early February, my grandfather (from my mother's side) got hospitalized for about a week. I had to go back to Manila and then to Bulacan to visit him and Grandma. His hospitalization fell on our holiday, I was just really lucky, so, I was able to go there without missing out on work days. I stayed at the hospital for four straight days, talked to his nurses and doctors and watched him suffer from this gallbladder inflammation shit. I realized it's not very cool when the things you only see in movies are actually happening in your real life. It sucks! My younger cousin and I had to stay right outside the operating room the whole time grandpa was in there, and I saw him being wheeled out of the operating room and back into his room too. The tension and the mental exhaustion was just too surreal that up until now I couldn't actually believe we had to go through that.

#3 My work

I am a part time blogger; I do this for fun. This is my personal job. This is my outlet; my cyber toilet. I'm not sure if there would come a time wherein I would turn this into a full time job. Probably not. I still got a grip of reality, not that I'm not being real on my posts, because I am. My blog and my job keep me sane. I need both of them in my life. I just need a good balance between them, I guess. I may have mentioned this before, but I'll say it again - I get paid to talk (over the phone). It's a similar job I had when I was still in Manila. But at least once or twice a month I also have to write some reports or do some evaluations and of course I have to use my brain in doing so. Since my office work is my main source of income, I cannot just simply ignore my responsibilities. As much as I love writing/posting on my blog, I have to push it aside, just for the mean time, so I won't have to starve or live in the streets. I know that if I won't make my job a priority, I could not pay my bills, I won't be able to use WIFI and there's no way I could post anything on my site anymore.

I am working on a lot of posts, but, I actually get overwhelmed too, so I end up posting none of them. Haha! I'll take it one at a time until I can show you more about my adventures here in Baguio!

What have you been up to?


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