Into the Woods

I never knew I would be happy living in a place without skyscrapers. Maybe you never really know what you've been missing until you finally get a taste of it. Does that make any sense? Haha! I don't even care if it doesn't.

From the time I started working, (hell, even during my school days) I've gotten used to the hustle and bustle of the city. I learned how to go to school without a school service pretty early. Imagine a tiny girl, carrying a huge school bag filled with shitty books (Haha!), fighting for a spot in a crowded jeepney during the rush hour in the morning AND afternoon! Yup, that was my life! I hated it! I hate feeling hopeless when I couldn't get on a jeepney and it's already getting dark. I've lived, studied and worked in different parts of Manila. Trust me, I know traffic and I'm just sick and tired of it. Fortunately, I don't have to be stuck in a traffic jam anymore before I go to work! Ha!

Another thing I really dig about my new place is that it's pretty easy to go to places where there are more trees than humans. I take whatever chance I get to stay away from crowded places. Being with nature is a good way to get back my lost energy from too much socializing. I usually do this on a Saturday or Sunday, when I'm not doing my office work. Sometimes, I'd just go somewhere with my camera and take photos of trees, flowers or anything I find interesting.

Those pictures above were taken at Wright Park. Yes, you'd normally find a lot of tourists around that area, but if you come at the right time, you can own the place! Haha!

Now, these pictures below were taken at Mines View Park

There are quite a few restaurants and food stands around Mines View but Barney's Burger has always been my favorite place to eat in case I get tired from taking photos. It's located at the second floor of the building right next to Mines View Park. Another thing I like about it is that they started operating on my birth year! Haha! What are the chances?!

They have all-day breakfast and awesome burgers that are quite affordable. They are not that fancy, but somehow cozy. However, I'm not a big fan of their brewed coffee, so, I usually buy my coffee from the 7-Eleven store downstairs before I go to their store~

I'll be posting more pictures and weekend adventures from the City of Pines!


  1. Life is so much easier when I just chill out! When I need to relax, the mind starts hearing the music.


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