My Latest Minimalist Footwear from GIBI

Can we possibly find happiness in a cardboard box?

Well, I just did! I've been checking out Gibi's Instagram page for quite sometime looking for some decent looking shoes. See, my name (Cyndrel) came with a curse. I was born with incredibly tiny feet! My friends think I'm a real-life Cinderella. And it's not always cool because it's really such a pain in the ass (not to mention, feet!) to look for shoes without Dora, Barbie or Hello Kitty designs.

Now, I have nothing against Dora, Barbie nor Hello Kitty (I actually love them all!). However, I just think it's not quite right for a 29-year old adult to wear footwear with such girly designs. 

10 years ago, when I was 19, I was forced to wear a pair of ladies shoes for my internship. It only makes sense, you know? I totally get it. But they don't understand that it's almost impossible to find stilettos or even normal high-heeled shoes in size EFFING one!!! So, I had to figure out a way to prevent my professor from killing me (with her stare). I have no idea what got in my mind, but, I found a way to contact Gibi and the next thing I know I was talking to one of the owners (through messages) and I was begging them to make a pair of ladies shoes in my size. It was amazing! They granted my request and they were so curious about the story of this modern damsel in distress. They wanted to help! They asked me to pick a style from any Gibi store, get the numbers/code inside the shoes, let them know about it and they said they'll reduce it to size 1, the same size as the current Gibi (kids) shoes that I was using that time. After about a week or so, it was delivered (by the owner's driver) to my aunt's house and we paid the exact same prize with the ones from the stores. No extra charge!

Here are two photos of me about 10 years ago wearing my customized shoes from Gibi. I've been wearing Gibi shoes since my grade school years - new ones and hand-me-downs from my sister and cousins but these are my first pair of ladies shoes! Gibi shoes are really durable; I was able to use them when I started working in my early 20's. 

Fast forward to 2017! Haha! I was once again, in some sort of distress, because I need to find a good pair of shoes that hopefully I could still use even  after our Christmas party!

So, I was ecstatic as sh*t when I found these classic nude block heels while I was strolling in a mall. It's not that fancy but I know I can wear them with my other dresses. They look so chic and very minimalist, and though I'm not a big fan of block heels, I know that they are much less of a torture compared to wearing stilettos. I am so glad that Gibi made smaller sizes for this style. Their Instagram post goes something like...

"A pair fit for any occasion, these block heels are made especially for young girls (and women with petite feet size)"

I'm crossing my fingers (and toes) that they would make black ones too so I can add them to my minimalist wardrobe. I already got a pair of white flat sandals from them late last year. I'm trying my best to fully embrace this minimalism gig. I'm doing my best to opt for classic look these days because seriously, it's SO much easier to mix and match your outfit and shoes if you have a neutral color palette!


  1. i love the pair!!! i have to visit gibi anytime soon.. because classics never go out of style!

    and i remember your shoe-hunt story way back then, hahahahah!!!

    1. Wow! Thanks for the comment Ate Sarah! I actually wanna buy boots but I can't wear boots for our Christmas party!!! Huhuhu~ but maybe once I get my 13th month pay, I'll get another pair of shoes from Gibi! Haha! :P Check out their Instagram page too so you can browse different styles and ask them if they have your shoe size and particular style at the Gibi stores near you. Good luck! If you're buying on a Thursday or Friday, maybe I can go with you! Hahaha~

  2. OMG! now i am curious what's your shoe size... I have a small feet too. But size 5 thank's God fits me. However sometimes it is difficult to get size 5, some brands starts with size 6.. I feel you girl. Looking for a good shoe, sandals, heels, wedge is really hard...

    1. You're still lucky to be a size 5! I Hahaha~ I used to buy size 1 shoes (American size). My classic pair of Chuck Taylor's are in size 1. European sizes, I could get away with 2 or 3. Now these nude shoes from Gibi are in size 4! :D I guess I'm still growing! LOL!!! Thanks for the comment, Giselle!

  3. You have that simplicity while being sophisticated. :) Yo Cyndy! I wanna have this pair, too! But I prefer white or red... :)

    1. Thank you for reading this post, Kia! I think they do have this in white!!! It is really simple...classic...elegant?! Hahaha...


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