What I Miss About China

China would always have a special place in my heart. Despite what's been happening between China and my country, I still won't hold a grudge against them. It has been my home once upon a time, though not for a very long time. 

I do miss quite a lot of things about that country such as the food, my travels, the people I became friends with and the life lessons that I would always have with me. But what I miss the most is probably...riding a bicycle! Haha~

I've always been imagining myself inside a Chinovela ever since I was young. You know the typical scene wherein the characters would ride their bicycle going to school or work? I've always wanted to experience something like that. Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of bike lanes here in my country. Plus, unless you're a pro, there's a huge possibility that you'd just die if you ever try to use a bicycle on the main roads. No matter how careful you are, if there are reckless drivers around you, you probably have slim chances of living.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you!

I've always been scared of riding a bicycle on the road. At most, I'd ride a bicycle and just go around a basketball court or somewhere near our house where there are no vehicles. But in China, riding a bicycle was as normal as walking or breathing. When I started borrowing my colleague's bike, I was just planning on using it near our dormitory/office, just for fun, just to have something to do when I'm bored. However, they encouraged me to go further, and so I did, and the next thing I knew, I was riding a bicycle on the main roads!!!

These photos were taken from the small city called Tieling, Liaoning somewhere in Northeast China, where I worked as a foreign teacher. 

It was awesome! I could actually go to restaurants, bakeries, pharmacies, grocery stores, malls and massage places on a bicycle! I don't know why and how but I learned not to be scared even if there are buses and cars right behind me. I got used to looking at the traffic signals and patiently waiting for the green light. And the part when you have to move together with the other cars and bikers around you, it makes me feel like...I'm part of something important. Haha~

Intersections are my favorite! It's scary and intimidating, but once I get past it, I feel so proud of myself for not crying and for coming out alive. I don't know how to drive yet but I have a feeling that I'll enjoy driving!

I really hope there would be more bike lanes here in the Philippines so I could fulfill that dream of going to work riding a bicycle too.


  1. Wow! Nice shots:) esp. the first pic. :) I heard some "not-so-good-thingy" about China but you inspired me to visit this country. Thank you!:)

    1. Domo arigato, Kia!!! Yes, it is partially true though...haha...the 'bad stuff'. However, I think there's no such thing as a 100% safe place. It was quite risky to actually live and work there, but, I just had to look at the brighter side of things. I try to magnify the good ones and make fun of the bad ones, but I make sure to learn from them. I guess I like living at my own risk! Haha~ You MUST visit China!


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