New Favorite Matte Lipstick

It's the last month of 2017!!!

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Oh well! Today, I'd like to share my latest favorite matte lipstick from AVON. Remember the first time I purchased a matte lipstick and wrote a review about it? Well, months after, I fell in love with other shades from the same line, yo!

I'm on my second tube of Coral Fever, but AVON recently went on sale (and partially broke my bank account), so, I purchased other shades! I got zero regrets though the moment my orders arrived. I've been trying to get that "Carrie Bradshaw lips". Sometimes, I just feel like having that simple and neutral-colored lips without relying solely on a lip gloss or lip balm. I still love wearing red lipstick especially for work, but when I'm just chilling with my friends, walking down the street while munching on a slice of pizza or gulping down a double cocoa fudge shake, I think red lipstick is a bit too much. 

Right now, I've got four matte lipsticks - Coral Fever (for work, since it looks best when I'm talking in front of the camera), Rose Awakening, Pure Pink (no picture of the tube, sorry!) and my ultimate favorite - TEMPTING MAUVE!!! Right now, this is my go-to lipstick shade. I just feel like I can't go wrong with it. The shade is very light but still visible. This is not as striking as my Coral Fever, but it has its own charm somehow.

After doing some errands and getting over a slight headache, I found some free time to shoot photos again! (Woohoo!) So, here's how my favorite matte lipstick looks like on a casual rig. Also wore my sister's early Christmas present - shades from i2i with this hand-me-down dress from our friend Mechelle. (Domo arigato, you guys!)

What's your current favorite lipstick shade? Care to share about it on the comment section below? I would love to hear about it! 

Stay cool and pretty!


  1. :) Nude lipstick sure is a staple.....

    1. I'm still looking for something like a light brownish shade - really natural! Urgh! This is Carrie Bradshaw's fault! Hahahaha~


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