Here's a bitter truth : The older I get, the more real-life sh*ts I encounter! 

That fact is helping me to accept that it's impossible to stay sane or motivated all the time. There are ways, though, that might help us to get back on track immediately after feeling crappy over these uncontrollable situations.

In this post, I'm going to share with you my four secret energy sources!

#1 I drown myself in motivational quotes

This might seem simple, but don't take the benefits for granted. When I feel like I'm losing momentum at work or when I'm losing motivation to pursue my hobbies, I try to browse the Internet in search of some nuggets of wisdom that might help me hit that reset button in my brain. I find it amazing how a few words could actually make my day. I also like re-posting them on my social media pages hoping that it could inspire other people to get off their asses as well when they're feeling low. I really love it when I get private messages from people about how a simple quote from me could actually make their day too! There's no money involved in here, we're basically just sharing and spreading good vibes. So, go ahead and start reading bite-sized mood boosters from the Internet. I get a lot of good ones from Pinterest!

#2 I take regular breaks

I work 5 days a week and sometimes, I still have to spend my two days off meeting people. Sometimes, I visit my Grandma in the countryside or I'll meet my friends who are living and working in the city. Since I easily get tired when I'm spending too much time around people, I make sure to spend at least a day in the week JUST BY MYSELF. It's hard for some people to accept that kind of attitude but there are a few who actually respect my sacred alone time. People who don't understand the concept of introversion are always asking me to be more 'social', to go out often and mingle but I simply don't care if I'm not always included in someone else's plan because it is my body that's going to suffer once I get drained from socializing, not theirs. I really need to shut down for at least an entire day, then, I can get back to being a bad-ass. That's just how I operate. Sometimes, I'd get a massage if I can afford it or I'll spend some time at the salon or I'll just binge-watch on my favorite anime shows. Once my battery is full, BAM! I'm ready to conquer the world again! 

You can take regular breaks within a working day too, this is not limited to our days off. It's impossible to be at your best for 8 hours straight, so, make sure you are taking water breaks, stretching a little bit or maybe you can get up from your chair and try walking around your office or your home after every two hours or so.

#3 I unplug 

This is somehow similar to taking breaks, except that I only do analog/manual routines for this part. Strictly no gadgets for this to work though! I try to paint, sketch or do some adulting stuff like folding my laundry that's been sitting for like two weeks in the corner of my dorm room, or changing my sheets so I can comfortably lie down and read real books. If I'm in a deep thought, I would even scrub the bathroom (Yes, even the toilet!) before I hit the shower, I don't know why I do that but it does help me to clear out the clutter in my brain. I think I got this 'unplugging' concept from my Grandma. She cooks for a living, but there are times when I would just see her getting lost in her gardening routine at certain times of the week. And seeing that satisfaction on her face once she's done tending the garden is just beyond words. Unlike me, she does not use electronic gadgets, but maybe being in a totally different setting or using different tools somehow gives her that much-needed break from what she does on a regular basis.

I'm always in front of the computer during my working days, it can't be helped. So, during my days off, I try to step away from the screen and do things manually.

#4 I workout!

This is a no-brainer. I think almost everyone who has ever tried working out would agree that working out will improve your mood when you're down in the dumps. It wouldn't make sense at first, it doesn't have to! You just have to do it one step at a time - lace up your shoes, get your workout bag, put on your favorite music and walk outside!

So, I started doing Muay Thai in October 2018. I still haven't found a perfect day and time to do it. I'm still experimenting with my body (not in a perverted way!) and my recovery time. Since I took a break from it for almost two months, now I'm pretty much back to square one. I realized I have to work more on my cardio if I want to nail this combat sport. I have already learned quite a lot from this sport just from those several sessions though. (Watching a helluva Muay Thai fight videos helped a lot too!) Since this workout is focused on striking using the eight limbs and improving your agility, it boosts your confidence and increases your patience when you're out in the real world since you know that you can literally beat the crap out of anybody who would get in your way. But you would choose NOT to because that's the game, learning martial arts is all about discipline! You shouldn't be easily provoked - by anyone! So, unless you put me in a ring or you actually agree to have a sparring session, I wouldn't use any of the Muay Thai moves I've been learning against you. Self-defense is a different story though! But my point is, those intense workouts that I've been doing - the calisthenics, the punching and the kicking...they don't just improve my body, they help me to train my mind as well. I am learning a lot about staying focused and alert. I've read somewhere that martial arts is like a moving meditation and I find that to be true. You can't daydream while you are hitting the bag or doing squats. You have to clear your mind, forget the negative things and stay in the present!

The more time I spend at the gym, the clearer my mind gets. And I want more of that! If I could only train everyday, I would, just so I could get that awesome feeling of sweating while my heart is beating like crazy. It is during those times when I would realize that I can do hard things if I really focus on smashing them. Working out makes me feel calm and fueled at the same time, and though there's not much sign of changes in my body yet, I know that deep inside I am changing for good. I noticed the difference in my reflexes and it seems like I can handle shitty situations way better than before. These days, I don't see myself snapping that often!

If you're feeling demotivated or just a little out of it, I hope that you could at least try one of my four tried and proven secrets. Or if you have your own special way of coping with your BLAH days, I'd like to hear your stories and strategies too! Feel free to write them in comments' section down below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Stay cool!


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