These Are the Only 4 Types of Shoes Your Wardrobe Needs

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I'm excited to share with you a very helpful and practical way to narrow down your options when it comes to shoes without sacrificing your personal style if you are transitioning to minimalism. Minimalism is the new lifestyle that I've been trying to embrace for about three years now. Today, we have a guest post from Taos Footwear, a store founded in 2005 in Southern California out of a simple concept - to create stylish and comfortable footwear without compromise. 


Implementing minimalism into your wardrobe can make life easier in a variety of ways – not to mention the money you’ll save from doing more with less. Cutting down on supportive sneakers or other types of shoes, on the other hand, can feel more difficult for people who already have a large number of pairs.

While you may not know where to start when trying to eliminate some of your shoes, it can be a lot easier than it sounds if you only keep what you really need. The styles of shoes listed below are a great starting point for building a more minimalist shoe wardrobe without sacrificing your style.

#1 Casual Flats

This category refers to a broad range of shoes, including anything from tennis shoes to loafers. It’s easy to let these build up and think that they’re all necessary, but in reality you should be able to get by with one or two pairs.

Your casual flats should be comfortable enough to wear throughout long days of walking without any soreness or pain, yet fashionable enough to wear for casual occasions. One or two high-quality pairs of shoes almost always costs less than a large collection of shoes that you don’t look forward to wearing.

#2 Comfortable Heels

Everyone has different tastes in heels, so consider trying on a few pairs and looking for something you would feel comfortable walking in. Opt for a closed-toe pair to ensure that they’re formal enough for all types of events, while also being suitable for wearing year-round (heeled sandals are a tough sell in the colder months).

Depending on your personal preference, you can choose a bolder pair instead of a neutral color like navy or brown. Check out these tips for wearing brighter heels for ideas when looking for the perfect new pair.

#3 Walking Sandals
Sandals are most often associated with the beach, but a versatile pair can be worn throughout the summer for a variety of occasions. Your sandals should provide enough support to keep you from getting sore while walking without feeling uncomfortable or too heavy.

Comfortable sandals can be your best, all-in-one footwear option (support, comfort, and style) that you can wear all day. Neutral tones like brown and gold work with most summer outfits and will look new for longer than white or other bright colors.

#4 Leather Boots

You can go for short boots or knee-high depending on your style. In general, leather boots look better in neutral shades. If you already have other shoes in a given color, look for something else in new pairs to maximize the utility of each of your shoes.

Reducing your shoe collection to its essentials takes time, but you’ll end up saving significant amounts of space and investing in a few pairs that you love rather than a lot that you don’t care about. These four shoes are crucial to any wardrobe and are the perfect place to start your minimalist shoe collection.


There you have it! I would like to thank Clarissa for sharing this piece with Pink Pensieve. Feel free to check out Taos Footwear website if you're ready to minimize your shoe collection! 


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