Best wishes, Rosalie & Charles!

Today, a good friend from high school is about to start a new chapter of her life with the man she loves. I can't help being excited about the new journey and adventures she's about to take. I also am deeply sorry for not being there to witness this once in a lifetime event. I know this is something I might regret for the rest of my life, but, I am not the same high school kid who can just drop everything whenever she wants to. My priorities have changed somehow and all I can wish and hope for is for my friend to understand that I also am living my own life here in this new town, away from my family, away from everyone I know. When I took the job and started a new life in this town, I knew that it meant saying 'no' to a lot of things. Reunions, birthdays and weddings of friends I have known since I was a teen - I knew it all along. I isolated myself. I chose this life and I am prepared to face whatever consequences it may cause in the future.

To my friend Rosalie,

Know that this is one of the hardest decisions I have ever made - not being able to see you walk down the aisle, surrounded by your friends and loved ones as you exchange vows with the man you love. I can't help having flashbacks of our high school years. How we never really started as friends, but turned out to be really good ones until now. For the last few weeks, I've been looking back at the times when our worlds once revolved inside the school campus. The chitchats in between short breaks, that add-your-song game and how we sing out of tune just for the heck of it, the long lunches, the CAT drills under the heat of the sun (though I didn't do much of this), the long walks to the market, field trips, first and last days of school, the immature fights, the roaring laughter, the weekend and holiday meetups and so much more. I remember them all. Just because you guys don't see me that often anymore, it doesn't mean that I have forgotten everything. I had great memories with you and our other friends and know that it's almost impossible to forget those times you were with me during one of the toughest phase of my life. Everyone deserves a good gang in their teens, and I'm glad I had one hell of a gang! Haha!

It's always nice to reminisce, but life isn't always about looking back. We're supposed to move forward and cherish what we had in the past. Being the first one to wear that white dress among our tropa (friends), I am proud and happy that you have found your better half at the right time and age. Know that I only wish the best for you and Charles. Though I haven't met him, I can tell how happy you are with him. You guys are meant for each other; you share the same passion for teaching! I just hope and pray that you guys would really stick together and face the challenges with brave hearts. Never turn your back at each other whatever happens. Life isn't perfect, there would be trials, but having someone to go through it is such a great blessing. It's good to know that from now on, you will never be alone in facing life's challenges.

In our future reunions, I am prepared to be grilled by everyone for what I did today. Again, please accept my sincerest apologies for not making it there on your special day. I think it is every girl's dream to be surrounded by everyone she loves on the day she says 'I do'. I'm deeply sorry for letting you down. But though we are miles away from each other on this day, know that I am happy for you. I wish you and your husband a great future and lovely kids!


To Charles,

We have never met, but know that I respect you for making my friend happier than ever. She is very special to us and I know to you too. We have met the younger Rosalie and you met the matured one, but she's the same beautiful person inside and out. Love her and accept her strengths and weaknesses. She chose you to spend forever with for a reason - think about that every single day of your life. I have yet to hear stories about you, but the fact that today, you guys have sworn your love before God, I think I don't need to be convinced that you really deserve to be the one to stay with her for the rest of her life. I would like to apologize to you too for not making it on your wedding. (I'll try to make it up on your anniversaries and baptismal of your kids!)


Did Rosalie tell you I used to have a bad temper? Well, I still do. Not threatening you but if I hear anything bad, know that words are my best weapon. Other than that CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Declines with regret...
the beginning of FOREVER!
*Disclaimer: I do not own these photos but I had permission from the bride to use their prenup photos.*


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