LSS: Missing Me

No matter what you do and no matter how long it's been, there would always be times when you'd miss someone so bad that it would literally hurt and it's just so hard to breathe and I don't know how most people deal with it, but I always turn to music when I'm in this kind of hell.

I heard this song from RJ Helton like months before, but lately I found myself listening to it over and over. I find the the chorus part so catchy...

"Even if I cry a thousand tears tonight, would you come back to me?"

and the last part of chorus...
"Even if I miss you, you're still not missing me"

What the am I saying? I love every word in this song! Urgh!

Take time to listen to it , let me know if you can relate with the song too. For the last few days this has been my anesthesia, my oxygen, my words. I usually let music speak for me when I feel like I have nothing else to say that I haven't said yet.

Well, here's live sound check version of it from a fan cam.


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