Pastel & Satchel

I can't believe I've been living in Baguio for more than 5 months now, yahoo! It's getting colder here, so, lately I've been buying more jumpers/sweaters at thrift stores around here. I go crazy every time I'm buying something from UKAY, I just can't believe how affordable and awesome they are. 

One of my latest favorites would have to be this over-sized pastel jumper. I love its soft childish color. Haha! I think it's perfect for a weekend stroll around town. I once paired it with a mint green skinny jeans and once with denim shorts but when it gets too cold, longer and thicker pants would be better.

I really dig the weather here because it gives me less headache and more chances to wear sweaters and boots. Wearing thick clothes is something I can never do in Manila!


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