Late Afternoon Coffee at Cafe Lusso!

If you're looking for a cozy place to hangout and chitchat with your friends or if you just wanna be left alone while you're blogging (or whatever it is that keeps you chained to your laptop), Cafe Lusso is a good place!
It was first introduced to me by one of my friends months ago. She knows I love pasta so she said their pesto is a must-try. But that time I had late lunch with her at Cafe Lusso, I ordered Aglio Oglio instead. Haha! They serve coffee, pasta, sandwiches and they have all-day breakfast!

probably everyone's favorite spot!
Lusso is an Italian word for "luxury/luxurious". But despite the place looking quite luxurious, their coffee and food are quite affordable. This is located at General Luna Road corner Assumption. It is very close to University of Baguio so they probably have a lot of student customers. I have only been here twice but luckily the place was not that crowded both times I have visited. I'm not sure when their peak hours are, but try coming here around late afternoon and enjoy the serenity of the place.

The second time I was here, I went with my friend, Faye. We work for the same company and she is currently a student at SLU. We don't get to talk that much at work since we have different work shifts. Only chance we can really giggle and chat face to face is if we hangout outside the office. I told her about my crazy ambition of eating at every single restaurant and coffee shop along Session Road and she's willing to tag along and give me a tour! When I mentioned I have been to Cafe Lusso once, she said I should try their signature Caramel Honey Bread.

After trying it, all I can say is that that Caramel Honey Bread is a must for all the sweet-toothed out there!

thanks for this Faye!
Cafe latte and a Korean snack

I actually can't wait to try their American breakfast, cheesecake and other desserts. They usually open around 7:30 AM during weekdays and 8:30 on weekends. If I have friends from Manila who'd be visiting Baguio, I will definitely take them here! 


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