How's your weekend going so far?

I just realized we're already in the last quarter of 2020. It's been a pretty tough year for me, in many ways! Have you guys reviewed any of your resolutions last year? Because most of the things that happened to me this year were absolutely not part of my grand plan. But, I have to a way I'm still grateful.

If you have read my post last April about how the pandemic ruined my main source of income, you would know how I tried to turn the situation around. Instead of sulking at my old place, I used the time that I've always been dreaming to have to work on my pending personal projects. I started my watercolor journey a few years back, and it has been a very great outlet for me to express my suppressed emotions. Aside from blogging, reading and watching anime, I also found peace and joy through painting.   

And because I finally had time to sit down to edit videos for my YouTube channel during the lockdown, I'm sharing it here on my blog for you to watch as well! This vlog was filmed while I was still at my dorm. If you've read my post two days ago, you would know that I recently moved to a new place...AGAIN!

Pretty soon I'll do a vlog about this new place, but for now, please enjoy watching this video about how I paint my favorite artworks using watercolor!    


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